The Pilgrim Nederlandse film downloaden HD kwaliteit

  • Title: The Pilgrim
  • Release year: 1923
  • Movie genres: Comedy
  • Director: Charles Chaplin
  • Actors: Edna Purviance, Charles Chaplin, Syd Chaplin, Mai Wells, Dean Riesner, Charles Reisner, Tom Murray, Kitty Bradbury, Mack Swain, Loyal Underwood, Charles Chaplin
  • Movie length: 47 min.

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The Pilgrim is one of the greatest actions of 1923 with such famous actors like Charles Chaplin, Mai Wells, Charles Reisner, Loyal Underwood, Charles Chaplin who are playing their roles so wonderful. You should just stop searching for something else if you are interested in spending a pleasurable night alone or with some of your friends watching the Comedy film. One of most wonderful of them is before you! Running time of the film is 47 minutes and you will really drown in the world of emotions that Charles Chaplin and other actors of the film are demonstrating you during this time. Thanks very much and we wish you a pleasant view.

The Pilgrim movie belongs to Comedy category and was created in 1923. Charles Chaplin is one of my favorite actors (who does not enjoy Charles Chaplin?) and sure this was the main reason why I had to to check this movie. Charles Chaplin was the actor who has charisma, who had his own reality. It is true, The Pilgrim movie is a truly one of the greatest movie in Comedy genre in 1923. Movie running time is 47 min.

'The Pilgrim' knows what film it is - authentic fun film with a high performance moments count. The plot is funny. It's certainly plenty of drive. It's the sort of movie you would appreciate even more with friends and a couple of beers.

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Famous stars as Charles Reisner, Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Mack Swain make this Comedy movie fantastic. It is true, The Pilgrim movie is 100% greatest movie in Comedy category in 1923. Movie stars like Charles Reisner, Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Mack Swain made the fantastic flick even more better. The Pilgrim was filmed in 1923 and belongs to Comedy category. Film length is 47 minutes.

Maybe the best fun I've had at a flick in many years. Yes, the action was number one, but it was certainly worth the watch. Yes, there were good, questionable, even trashy moments, but after all, it wasn't a bad movie. Why 8 stars instead of, say, 10? Because, over the past few years, there is been a lot of possibly decent films that it was excellent to finally find one that deserves your while. 100% recommended!

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