Walking The Edge Nederlandse film downloaden HD kwaliteit

  • Title: Walking the Edge
  • Release year: 1985
  • Director: Norbert Meisel
  • Actors: Nancy Kwan, Robert Forster, Joe Spinell, A Martinez, James McIntire, Wayne Woodson, Doug Toby, Phil H. Fravel, Luis Contreras, Terrence Beasor, Norbert Meisel
  • Movie length: 93 min.
  • Movie genres: Action; Crime; Drama; Thriller

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The film has got a really great cast, some really impressive production.

Such actors like Wayne Woodson, Phil H. Fravel make this Crime film so great. It is true, Walking the Edge movie is one of the hottest film in Crime style in 1985. Stars like Wayne Woodson, Phil H. Fravel made this fantastic film even more fantastic. Walking the Edge was created in 1985 and belongs to Crime genre. Movie length is 93 min.

Funny powerful and mostly entertaining. Good special fxs for a low budget flick. Good script a pleasant surprise around every minute.

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Walking the Edge Thriller film was produced in late 1985. Nancy Kwan, James McIntire, Phil H. Fravel, Wayne Woodson made the Thriller movie fantastic.

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